Branson to provide foreword to new 'big ideas' book

<p>Virgin Books has acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to a provocative &quot;big ideas&quot; book by sociologist Rebecca Costa.</p><p>Editorial director Ed Faulkner bought the rights from Waterside Productions, acting on behalf of Arthur Klebanoff at The Scott Meredith Literary Agency. <em>The Watchman&#39;s Rattle</em> is an examination of why society struggles to solve problems, and whether there are limits to the kinds of issues humans are able to solve. Costa explores the consequences of using the quick-fix approach to problems, and shows how to change the way we think about challenges. </p><p>Entrepreneur Richard Branson is writing a foreword to the title, calling it &quot;extremely brave, spirited and well informed&quot;.</p><p>Soon to be published in the US by Perseus imprint Vanguard Press, Virgin will publish in the UK on 3rd February 2011 as an &pound;11.99 trade paperback. </p>