Fig Tree wins brain injury story after eight-way auction

Fig Tree wins brain injury story after eight-way auction

Fig Tree has acquired rights to a proposal for a book about the brain and brain injury in an eight-way auction.

Juliet Annan, publishing director at Fig Tree, bought UK & Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) in an auction conducted by Will Francis of Janklow & Nesbit.

The author, Ben Platts-Millls, has spent the last 11 years working with survivors of brain injury at Headway East London in Hackney, and with one man in particular - Matthew, a “brilliant” software engineer who suffered neurological damage during an operation to remove a cyst in the middle of his brain. While the surgery saved his life, the surgeon's intervention also left Matthew with difficulty forming new memories and with a tendency to confabulate- to ‘remember’, with absolute conviction, events that have not occurred.

Together, Platts-Mills and Matthew set out to understand what has happened to Matthew's brain, what his future holds, and how a person can begin to rebuild his life when the very organ that enables him to adapt has been damaged. Eventually they learn that the cyst in Matthew’s brain is growing again, leaving him with an "impossible" decision to make.

The book will be an account of the people Platts-Mills has worked with, a meditation on the life and function of the brain, as well as an account of one “particular and remarkable” friendship.