Boyd's new Bond tale set in sixties

William Boyd's James Bond novel, due out next autumn, will be set in 1969, according to an interview with the author in the Radio Times.

In the article, Boyd said: "All I will say is it's set in 1969. Fleming died in 1964. He was in his mid-50s, so conceivably if he'd looked after himself a bit better, hadn't smoked and drunk so much, he might have written a James Bond novel that year."

The author also admitted that he has "deliberately" not seen "Skyfall", the lastest Bond film, and corrects an error in the Sam Mendes' film, which sees Bond return to his childhood home in Glencoe, Scotland-but Bond was brought up by an aunt "somewhere like Wiltshire", according to Boyd.

Boyd will be the third author, following Sebastian Faulks and Jeffery Deaver, to take on Ian Fleming's classic character. Jonathan Cape will publish the title next year, marking the 60th anniversary of the spy's first outing, in Casino Royale.