Boxtree ready to mock the week

<p>Boxtree has paid a &quot;strong&quot; six-figure sum for two tie-ins to popular BBC2 satirical quiz show &quot;Mock the Week&quot;. Commissioning editor Jon Butler bought UK and Commonwealth rights from Jonny Geller at Curtis Brown in a &quot;fiercely fought auction&quot;, with Boxtree beating off three rival publishers. The first title will be published at the end of August 2008, to coincide with the last four episodes of a new run of the show, which returns to television in June. </p><p>The titles will be written by the programme&#39;s creator and producer Dan Patterson&mdash;who is also responsible for &quot;Whose Line is it Anyway?&quot;&mdash;and co-producer Mark Leveson, with additional material from the stars of the show, including host Dara O&#39;Briain.</p><p>&quot;Mock the Week&quot; regularly attracts more than 3.5 million viewers, and Butler hopes to make the tie-in &quot;one of the big humour bestsellers of the year&quot;, in the vein of &quot;QI&quot;, &quot;Borat&quot; and Al Murray&#39;s &quot;Pub Landlord&quot; humour tie-ins. The book will feature quirky takes on regular &quot;Mock the Week&quot; games such as &quot;scenes we&#39;d like to see&quot;, and will be full-colour throughout.</p><p>It will be trailed on the programme in the summer, and Butler expects it to be included in September and October humour promotions. &quot;We think we&#39;ve got the next big humour brand. Our goal is to make it the comedy Christmas brand [of the future],&quot; he added.<br /></p>