Bowker buys BML

<p>US bibliographic data provider Bowker has increased its presence in the UK, purchasing Book Marketing Limited from Publishing News Ltd. Jo Henry, managing director of BML, and colleagues Steve Bohme and Rachel Levin will move across to Bowker&#39;s offices next week.</p><p>&quot;BML is a great strategic fit in our Business Intelligence Division as we grow our footprint in the international market,&quot; said Kelly Gallagher, Bowker vice president, Publishing Services. &quot;BML has a strong tradition of serving the UK market with reliable and actionable consumer information and we look forward to not only continuing this work, but developing and enhancing the range of services BML offers.&quot;</p><p>BML is perhaps best known for its Books &amp; Consumer survey.<br /><br /> &quot;I&rsquo;m delighted that BML has found a new and congenial home. We have enjoyed working with Bowker Publishing Services on a number of projects recently and look forward to working more closely with them,&quot; said Henry.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>