Booktrust gives 2,000 books to food banks

Booktrust gives 2,000 books to food banks

Reading charity is donating around 2,000 books to food banks in London and the Midlands this Christmas.

The charity is teaming up with The Trussell Trust food bank network to distribute books to food banks in Wandsworth, West Norwood, Manchester, Coventry and Birmingham. Each food bank will receive 250-300 books, which will be a mixture of board books, picture books, children’s fiction, teen titles and adult novels.

Booktrust’s chief executive Viv Bird said she is “delighted” to work with food banks this Christmas. “Books can make a big difference to people’s lives. During stressful and difficult periods sharing books with each other is a good way for families to take time out and relax. All the research shows that reading together strengthens family bonds and helps children do better at school, whatever the family’s background.”

The charity started donating the books last Friday (5th December), starting with Wandsworth, where manager Dan Frith said he was “pleased that we can hand something out that lasts longer than a week”.

The charity will continue dropping off book parcels this week.

This isn’t the first time Booktrust has worked with The Trussell Trust, and in June, the charity gave away 2,500 copies of Jez Alborough’s Super Duck (HarperCollins) to 60 foodbanks.