Booktrack strikes deal with Canelo

Booktrack strikes deal with Canelo

Booktrack, which provides a soundtrack for e-books, is to partner with digital publisher Canelo to bring new books to its platform.

Booktrack is the creator of e-reader technology which synchronises multimedia such as music, sound effects and ambient sound to e-books. The multimedia is automatically paced to the individual's reading speed and synchronised to complement and enhance the story.

Canelo, founded by Iain Millar, Michael Bhaskar and Nick Barreto, will join the Booktrack platform with two launch titles: The Ghost Shift by John Gapper and Mrs Hudson and the Spirits’ Curse by Martin Davies. Both titles will be available for sale from in the new year.

Booktrack is also adding self-published author, A.D. Starrling's books to the platform, complete with movie-style soundtracks.

The UK is the second biggest market for Booktrack and represents over 15% of its traffic, the company said.  Nearly 70% of UK users use Booktrack via mobile devices, the highest percentage of all markets.

Paul Cameron, c.e.o. and co-founder of Booktrack, said: “We are excited to launch in the UK market especially given the considerable Booktrack growth from mobile users in the UK proving that e-reading is continuing to grow across smartphones and tablets. We are particularly pleased with the popularity for the Booktrack concept of movie-style soundtracks for books in the UK, and as more people become familiar with the Booktrack experience, we expect to grow our portfolio of UK based publishers and self-published authors even further.”

Booktrack has also recently announced content deals with publishers such as Sourcebooks, RosettaBooks, the Nelson Literary Agency, Orca Publishers and Mighty Media Press.

Booktrack will also be integrating Sony's user rights management solution to provide an open standard protection for e-books.