Bookshop proposal for literature lovers

Bookshop proposal for literature lovers

The Falmouth Bookseller was at the heart of a romance story recently, when book-lover Jason Sandeman-Allen staged a surprise proposal to his girlfriend Stephanie Ashton in the indie bookshop.

The star-crossed literature lovers ,who live in Colliers Wood, London, met for their first date in Waterstones Piccadilly six years ago and ever since bookshops have been seen by the pair as synonymous with their early liasons. So when he decided to propose, Sandeman-Allen thought a bookshop would be the perfect place to pop the question to his bride-to-be—a former bookseller at Waterstones’ Wimbledon store—when the pair travelled to Falmouth on their first family holiday.



Pre-arranging the proposal with the Falmouth Bookseller staff, Jason suggested that the pair went book shopping after dropping their two-year-old son Michael off with friends. Thinking Jason was searching for a book on the lower bookshelves, Stephanie was surprised when Jason turned around with a ring neatly resting in a groove cut out of the centre of a second-hand book called The Lives of Great Romantics.

“Of course I was nervous; the whole plan was that I could pull the book out without her realising what was going on so it could be a surprise!” Jason said; his fianceé added: “I was completely surprised—apparently I said ‘yes’ and then made a weird yelping noise!’ 

Falmouth Bookseller manager Alex Pearce said: “It was really lovely—I have never had anything like it in the bookshop before.”