US bookshop Isis forced to change sign after attacks

US bookshop Isis forced to change sign after attacks

Isis Books & Gifts in Colorado has been forced to change its sign due to a flurry of attacks from vandals lashing out at the bookshop's shared name with the terrorist network, the Guardian has reported.

The US bookshop first reported the vandalism in November, posting on its Facebook page a photo of its destroyed sign, referring to it as “just one of the many incidents of harassment we have experienced.”

Owner Karen Charboneu-Harrison, who named the shop after the Egyptian goddess Isis, told Fox 31 Denver: “We’re all very heartbroken [about the Paris attacks, which took place on 13th November] so I don’t know if somebody walking down the street just saw our name on the sign and kind of lost it for a moment and threw a rock through it, or if it was an ignorant person who actually thought this was a bookstore for terrorists, I don’t know.”

Charboneau-Harrison said the attack was the fourth time the business had been vandalised.

The shop has announced that it will be keeping Isis as its official name but has changed its sign to a “gorgeous one with a huge image of Isis and her most honorific title: Goddess of 10,000 names.”

Charboneau-Harrison said: “People are a little bit on edge and there’s no need to play into that and incite any sort of ridiculousness. We feel very strongly about the name Isis, but we feel just as strongly that we don’t want to be waving a red flag that would entice ignorant people to act out of their ignorance.”