Bookshop holds sale for Calais library

Bookshop holds sale for Calais library

The Big Green Bookshop is to hold a “pay what you like” sale to raise money for the Jungle Library in Calais.

The independent bookshop in London’s Wood Green has so far raised £2,500 for the so-called Jungle Library– a makeshift library set up by teacher Mary Jones at the refugee camp in Calais, which is nicknamed The Jungle.

After an appeal, the bookshop has been inundated with book and monetary donations for the library.

However, after speaking with Jones, co-owner Simon Keys said the Jungle Library had plenty of English language adult and children’s fiction books so the bookshop has decided to hold a “pay what you feel” sale of secondhand books, with the money raised going towards the Jungle Library.

The sale will take place between Friday 18th September and Sunday 20th September,

Key said: “You can choose up to six books and pay as little as 1p for each. You could pay a tenner for each too, but that's up to you. We have well over 3,000 secondhand books here all looking to go to good homes. We're hoping for sunny few days so that we can get the tables and boxes outside.”

He added that the shop was still getting “around twenty book parcels a day” to take to Calais.

Key is planning to travel to Calais next Monday (21st September) to meet Jones and hand her the book and cash donations.

He said: “This is all very exciting and I can't wait to meet Mary. Our aim is for this not to be a one-off thing. We'd like to keep our link with the library in Calais and continue to work with Mary to ensure that at the very least, there is always a well stocked library at the camp.”

The bookshop has a ‘donate’ button on its website for people to donate to the Jungle Library at Calais.