Bookshop Band appeal before member leaves

Bookshop Band appeal before member leaves

The Bookshop Band is appealing to authors, publishers and writers to help it record around 80 songs before a key member of the band departs.

The Bookshop Band has earned its reputation writing songs inspired by books, including For an Ending based on A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness and How not to Woo a Woman based on the Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, which has seen them take on several tours and play live on BBC radio. 

But now one of the trio – songwriter, singer and guitarist Poppy Pitt - is leaving the band to head to London. Before she departs, Pitt and co-members Ben Please and Beth Porter want to record the “wealth” of material they’ve amassed so far. 

They said: “Before Poppy leaves the band have set itself the huge, enormous challenge of using our remaining few months as a trio to record all of the remarkable book-inspired songs that we’ve created so far, so that we can then release them steadily in the months and year to come. We’ve put three recording sessions into our diaries between now and the summer…We don’t have budget for studio time, engineers, producers, mixing or mastering, and so we will do the best we can at home." They added: "However, before we embark on that option, we wanted to ask you, our loyal fans, bookshops and lit fests we’ve played at, authors and the publishing industry, to to see if there was a way to raise funds so that we can upgrade and transform our recording sessions into a studio operation so that the resulting recordings are as strong a representation of our ‘Poppy years’ as they possibly can be." 

The group are proposing three ways fans can help them record the albums; by pre-ordering the next album “How Not to Woo a Woman” (working title), featuring songs inspired by Rachel Joyce and Patrick Gale, among others, for £8, by subscribing to the next eight albums – around 80 - tracks - on digital download for £40 or by sponsoring a song. Those who sponsor a song – for sums ranging from £50 to £350 for the whole album – will be thanked in the credits and invited to the live recording session.

The band has already received support from several authors including Joanne Harris, Pietro Grossi, Rachel Joyce and Damian Barr.The band have a collection of around 130 songs altogether, have already recorded 42 but want to make sure the remaining 80 are recorded before Poppy leaves. 

The band, from Bath, regularly play at Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights bookshop and its owner Nick Bottomley, manages them. 

“When not recording Ben and Beth will be continuing to perform and write as The Bookshop Band, playing at book events at Mr B’s in Bath and elsewhere,” the band said. “Whilst of course Poppy can’t be replaced, we’re also very excited at the prospect of collaborating with many of our other incredibly talented musician friends -and even some musician-authors - as guest members of The Bookshop Band on future tracks and live performances. We’re as excited about the band’s new and dynamic future as we are about getting into the studio to record the legacy of our work so far.”

For more details on how to support the band, see the band's website.