Booksellers plan eco-friendly roll-out

<p>Booksellers around the country are rolling out eco-friendly bags following Prime Minister Gordon Brown&#39;s warning that he would force retailers to cut down on plastic bag usage if they did not do so voluntarily. The Booksellers Association has already drafted a letter to the Department of the Environment about the issue. President Tim Godfray said: &quot;We think [a reduction in bags] can best be done first through education&mdash;by bookshop staff talking to their customers and by POS used in the shops; secondly, by using less raw plastic in the manufacturing process; and thirdly, by<br />booksellers using bags for life.&quot;</p><p>Waterstone&#39;s is rolling out a new canvas bag priced at &pound;2.99 across its 320 stores. Its existing plastic bags are made from 70% recyclable material, but booksellers have also been told not to assume that customers need a bag.</p><p>Borders intends to have new post-consumer waste bags, which are fully recyclable and biodegradable, in store by 1st May. Booksellers also ask customers if they need a bag. Geoff O&#39;Neill, head of supply chain, said Borders was also looking at introducing a canvas bag.</p><p>W H Smith said it makes a donation to the Woodland Trust each time a customer declines a plastic bag. It has also signed up to the British Retail Consortium&#39;s commitment to reduce plastic bag impact by 25% by 2008. Foyles also sells two canvas bags, priced &pound;1.50 and &pound;4.99 and only gives out plastic bags if a customer requests them.</p>