Book Tokens reveals rewards programme

Book Tokens reveals rewards programme

National Book Tokens is launching a rewards programme for customers and a direct marketing channel for booksellers in October.

The new service, which will launch under a different name, was announced at the Booksellers Association’s a.g.m. on Thursday (13th June), and is designed to encourage more people to engage with National Book Tokens, which in turn will help boost sales of tokens.

A dedicated branded website will launch in October this year, where NBT programme members can redeem rewards after collecting points accumulated by buying a certain number of Book Tokens. Customers who cash in their Book Tokens can also receive rewards through the website, which will feature engaging content to encourage the public to visit and interact with it. Book Token buyers and users will be given a rewards card, that customers can register by entering their email address on the website to claim a reward.

NBT is also providing booksellers”with a direct marketing tool, as customers will receive emails alerting them to events and special offers at their local bookshop through the email address they have provided. Each bookseller will be encouraged to create a profile for their shop on the dedicated NBT rewards website. Alex de Berry, m.d. of National Book Tokens, said bookshops would be able to upload their own bespoke offers onto their dedicated bookshop pages, which would reach their local market.

He said: “This is creating extra value. We feel as a brand, people want NBT to be more engaging and having a gift card creates a very transactional relationship. More engagement with customers will lead to more sales.”

More details on the new NBT offer will be released in due course.