Book on 'radicals' to William Heinemann

Book on 'radicals' to William Heinemann

William Heinemann has acquired a book exploring the individuals, groups and movements “rejecting the way we live today and attempting to find an alternative”.

Tom Avery bought UK and Commonwealth rights to Radicals by Jamie Bartlett from Caroline Michel at PFD.

In Radicals the reader is “taken into the strange worlds of the innovators, disrupters, idealists and extremists who think we can do better, and believe they know how”.

Among the people and groups Bartlett explores are “techno-freaks questing for immortality, extremists seeking to recast a perfect society, radical environmentalists striving to end our depletion of nature’s reserves, religious movements led by self-proclaimed messiahs, anarchic movements sweeping mainland Europe, fundamentalist Islamists living under seventh-century laws, neo-Luddites existing without modern technology, autonomous cooperatives in self-sustaining micro-societies, and virtual-worlders spending 95% of their lives online”.

Bartlett is the head of the Violence and Extremism Programme and the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at the think-tank Demos, where he has written extensively about radical political parties and movements and how the internet is changing society.

His first book, The Dark Net (William Heinemann), was nominated for the Debut Political Book Award and the Orwell Prize.

Radicals will be published in hardback by William Heinemann in March 2017 and by Windmill Books in paperback in 2018.