Book People releases video looking ahead to 'next chapter'

Book People releases video looking ahead to 'next chapter'

The Book People has produced a new video to show how far it’s come since it was founded in 1988.

The business, which saw revenues down 6% in 2014, despite a reduction in operating losses, has experienced huge upheaval since its company restructure last year, seeing close to 100 redudances and the exit of both founders since venture capitalist firm Endless became a majority shareholder in September 2014.

The promotional video uses the opportunity to explain to customers how The Book People works for them in terms of buying in bulk directly from publishers and suppliers to pass savings on to customers so that it can compete with the online rivals. The video shows cartoon-like graphics of The Book People offering customers a selection of 100,000 items such as toys, gifts and stationary. One playful cartoon is of Shakespeare with a winking skull, as the voice-over talks about "the next chapter" in The Book People story.

A spokseman for The Book People said: "We wanted to update The Book People's story for this new chapter of its development using modern technology. We hope it reflects the huge optimism which we all feel about the business and our pride in its heritage. Above all we hope it shows what The Book People does differently to anyone else, making specially picked favourites available at amazing value, and how we are able to do this. All of us here think that our most exciting years are ahead of us and maybe the video helps to explain why."

The video was produced in-house by The Book People's online videographer Oliver Trimble and design manager Gavin Edwards, who together created the graphics and animated them in Adobe After Effects over a number of weeks.

Trimble said: “This year has been a transitional period for us at Book People and we have worked tirelessly to improve our business, so that we can thrive in the competitive retail environment.

"At the forefront of our minds has always been our genuine passion for reading and aim to provide affordable books to people all across the UK. For this reason we have created a new About Us video, showing our growth and development from 1988 to today.”

Watch the video below.