Book Aid made BESA charity of the year

Book Aid made BESA charity of the year

Book Aid International has been chosen as Charity of the Year for by BESA, the trade association for education suppliers.

The partnership, which will last until February 2017, will see BESA and its members support Book Aid International’s work in libraries in sub-Saharan Africa in a variety of ways, including fundraising, donations, gifts in kind and volunteering. The charity will also be promoted at the Education Resources awards and the BETT awards over the next two years.

Caroline Wright, director of BESA, said: “In choosing Book Aid International as BESA’s charity for the next two years, we recognise the important work that the organisation undertakes in raising literacy levels in sub-Saharan Africa. We know that our members will find resonance in this ideal and will actively engage in supporting the charity through donations and fundraising activities.”

Book Aid, which was London Book Fair's Charity of the Year in 2014, works to improve learning and literacy in sub-Saharan Africa by providing books and training. In 2014, Book Aid International sent more than one million new books, donated by UK publishers, to libraries in Africa. It also works through a network of library partners to provide training and grants to libraries to help communities and individuals make the most of the books they receive.

Alison Hubert, director of Book Aid International said the charity was "delighted" to be BESA's choice: “We know that books, reading and education have the power to change lives, and working closely with an organisation dedicated to improving educational environments is a perfect fit for us. We look forward to working with BESA to find new ways to support vibrant libraries in some of the world’s poorest communities,” she said.