Book Aid International named Blackwell’s charity of the year

Book Aid International named Blackwell’s charity of the year

Academic bookseller Blackwell’s has named book donation and library development charity Book Aid International as its Charity of the Year for 2017.

Shops in England, Scotland and Wales will support the charity by donating proceeds from its plastic bags sales to the charity throughout 2017. In addition to this, the Blackwell’s team will be working with Book Aid International throughout the year to generate additional funds and raise awareness of the organisation's work.

Every year Book Aid International sends more than one million books to thousands of libraries in communities where people would otherwise not be able to access books. These books range from medical texts to children’s books to novels to biographies and reach an estimated 24 million people every year.

Alison Tweed, Book Aid International director, said: “We really value all of our corporate partners and we are always particularly excited about collaborations where we have common ground as we do in this case. We join Blackwell’s team in believing that students should have access to the books they need whatever their circumstances. We look forward to working with the Blackwell’s team to reach more readers and we are most grateful to be chosen as Blackwell UK’s Charity of the Year.”

Blackwell’s c.e.o. David Prescott said:  “Blackwell’s has a long history of supporting charities and literacy initiatives that encourage a love of reading. Each year we give the shop chosen as our 'Shop of the Year' the honour – and responsibility – of choosing the Charity of the Year to be supported across the whole company. Staff at our bookshop at the Wellcome Collection in London selected Book Aid International and we look forward to working with them and are delighted that their important work will benefit from all profits from our carrier bag sales this year.”