Bonnier Zaffre acquires two saga novels from Melody Sachs

Bonnier Zaffre acquires two saga novels from Melody Sachs

Bonnier Zaffre has acquired two new saga novels from actress, playwright and a famed wedding gown designer, Melody Sachs.

Eleanor Dryden, publishing director for Zaffre Publishing, bought UK and Commonwealth rights from Broo Doherty at D H H Literary Agency.

Dryden said: "This saga gave me a warm glow and I can’t wait to work with Melody. We have a sassy dancing girl, a shotgun wedding, an adorable little lass in trying circumstances and all the highs and lows of family life – at its most gritty and its most loving – set against the looming shadow of the Second World War. The Girl from the Tyne is just a treat."

Sachs was born in Newcastle, has three children and is married to actor Andrew Sachs. She said: "I am thrilled to be working with the Bonnier Zaffre team who are incredibly enthusiastic about my first novel. I have loved writing it and I look forward to seeing it being published in April next year."

Doherty added: "I’m delighted that Bonnier Zaffre has picked up Melody Sachs’s inspiring and nostalgic first novel. I have every confidence that they will do a brilliant job to make it into a publishing phenomenon next Spring."

The Girl from the Tyne is her first novel. A second Tyne book, starring Lizzie Wood, will follow in 2018.