Bonnier lands 'Love Island' star's memoir

Bonnier lands 'Love Island' star's memoir

Bonnier Books UK has landed Not the Type, a "debut female empowerment memoir", by "Love Island" star Camilla Thurlow.

World rights were acquired by John Blake executive editor Toby Buchan from Ben Dunn of Dunn Literary and Jadeen Singh of John Noel Management.

Not the Type is based on Thurlow’s meetings with inspiring women who have helped "shape her and taught her invaluable lessons" and is a book about "learning to confront one’s own anxieties in a world frequently dominated by celebrity culture, and about being a woman in what is, still, all too often a man’s world". 

As a 23-year-old Thurlow trained in explosive ordnance disposal and cleared landmines in Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Cambodia. She came second on 2017’s "Love Island" and is still dating her co-star she met on the show, Jamie Jewett. She has appeared on "Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins", the documentary "What Camilla Did Next" and has spoken candidly about the PTSD she experienced from her bomb disposal work.   

Thurlow said: “I thought a lot of this book was going to be about looking back on a young woman who felt entirely alone in a world that seemed to want to stifle multiplicity. However, it is not a catalogue of loneliness, or even of success and failure. It is about all the lives I never thought I’d lead, and the different things they taught me about the world. It is about constantly feeling a little out of place, and yet finding solace in that experience. It is the lessons I’ve learned from never being quite the right type, and it is somewhere I hope others can find a little something that they are looking for.”

Buchan said: “You may have watched Camilla on 'Love Island' but the moment I read an interview with her I realised that here was someone with an extraordinary story to tell.”

Image credit: Ed Miles.