Totally Entwined launches e-store and self-publishing platform

Totally Entwined launches e-store and self-publishing platform

Bonnier Publishing UK's Totally Entwined Group has launched a romance e-store and self-publishing platform called First For Romance.

The website will sell books from multiple publishers and offer a self-publishing service for independent authors.

Regular retail promotions will include "Romance Rewards", where readers who have purchased nine books get the 10th free, for example. The website will also offer a "gifting" feature for friends and family and a "Send to Kindle" option.

The publishers’ portal can be used to upload titles, featuring real-time reporting and scheduled monthly payments. Services include editing, creation of cover art, formatting, typesetting and conversion of manuscripts to the three main formats used in the industry.

In terms of royalties, authors selling books in the First For Romance e-store will receive 60% of the sale price of an e-book over $1.99/£1.99/€1.99, and 40% of the sale price of an e-book under $1.99/£1.99/€1.99; 50% of the sale price of a print book; and 40% of the sale price of an audio book.

The site's self-publishing platform, meanwhile, will formally launch in August offering marketing and sales support services for independent romance fiction authors.

The Totally Entwined Group said it couldn't give specific details as yet but the service charges would be "very competitive". They will either be individual fees per service or package deals depending on requirements.

Claire Siemaszkiewicz, c.e.o. for Totally Entwined Group, said: “Our background as the first e-book publisher in Europe and having 10 years’ experience in publishing romance e-books stands us in good stead for this exciting new venture. It is something we’ve wanted to develop for a number of years, so we’re thrilled that we can now bring First For Romance to the market for readers, independent authors and publishers of romance fiction."

She added: "It’s an exciting time for the publishing industry and we’re keen to stay at the forefront of technology and publishing initiatives.”

The Totally Entwined Group was founded in 2006 and bought by Bonnier in June 2015 for an undisclosed sum. 

Earlier this year Bonnier AB in Sweden launched a new self-publishing platform, Type & Tell, a product of Bonnier Book Ventures (BBV), in the UK.