Bonnier opens Australian adult publisher

Bonnier opens Australian adult publisher

Bonnier Publishing is expanding in Australia with a new company based in Melbourne.

Bonnier is carving out the adult programme from another one of its Australian companies, The Five Mile Press, to form Echo Publishing. Echo will release about 50 fiction and non-fiction adult titles per year, leaving Five Mile Press to concentrate on children’s books.

Alexandra Maramenides will head up both companies as m.d.

“We want to be the ultimate Australian publishing house, attracting exceptional local writers, photographers and talents. In addition to specialising in narrative non-fiction (including commercial biographies) and photography, we will be launching a fiction list,” she said.

“We will give our readers the very best reading experience, across several genres. We will give our authors and titles the personal touch and support that they all need, whilst extending their commercial reach using the strong sales and distribution arm of Five Mile Press.’’