Bonnier moves Weldon Owen to London

Weldon Owen, the children's illustrated reference publisher owned by Bonnier Publishing, will be moving all its operations to London from Sydney at the start of 2012.

Hot Key Books m.d. Sarah Odedina will also become m.d. of Weldon Owen, with the publisher operating from the Bonnier offices in Clerkenwell.

Bonnier will be recruiting about six or seven staff shortly to work in the new company in London on the editorial, design and production teams. The rights team is already based in London.

Bonnier c.e.o. Richard Johnson said: "This has been an extremely tough decision, as we remain very proud and grateful for the hard work and dedication shown by the Weldon Owen team in Australia. However, with a significant part of Weldon Owen's market being in Europe and with the high Australian dollar to the US dollar we feel that a move to London will be in the best long term interests of the company. This also plays to our wider strategy of becoming much larger in the UK."

Odedina added: "We do hope to grow the list and we are aiming to increase its contribution overall [to the company's revenue]."