Bonnier launches new UK imprint

Bonnier launches new UK imprint

Bonnier Publishing is launching a new non-fiction UK trade list, Red Lemon Press, publishing books for adults and children.

The list will launch this autumn, with Martina Challis as publisher. Challis is also publisher of non-fiction Bonnier imprint Weldon Owen, which focuses on reissuing backlist titles; all new non-fiction titles will be published under the Red Lemon Press imprint. Sarah Odedina will be Red Lemon Press managing director.

The publisher plans to create a "distinctive brand to complement Hot Key Books, bringing the best work in non-fiction to a growing and fast-changing audience, using expert writers, illustrators, designers and paper engineers to create exciting, interesting content that is rich in information in a variety of physical and digital formats."

The launch list will include titles such as The Evolution of Art by zoologist, broadcaster, author and artist Desmond Morris; Cosmic Menagerie by author, illustrator and astrophysicist by Dr Mark Garlick, which will explain phenomena such as neutron stars and red supergiants; and Being a Boy, a humorous guide to puberty for teenage boys, by ex-teacher James Dawson. 

Both Cosmic Menagerie and The Evolution of Art will contain image-recognition technology that will enable the reader to see animations of the illustrations and extra content.

Challis said: "Non-fiction plays an important role in engendering a love of reading in children, especially boys who may be less interested in stories and novels. It is also a field where fantastically well-informed authors have a lot to offer to inquisitive minds of all ages. I am looking forward to taking their work to its widest audience, both physically and digitally."

Odedina said: "It is very exciting to announce the launch of Red Lemon Press. Martina and her very talented editorial, design and sales and marketing teams will create a dynamic, innovative and quality list of non-fiction books for readers of all ages. It will be a wonderful companion to the Hot Key Books list and beautifully completes our profile as an all-round children's publisher."

Meanwhile, Bonnier will continue to update the backlist of existing non-fiction imprint Weldon Owen for international customers, with new formats as well as traditional reprints and digital editions. 

Hot Key Books and Red Lemon Press will share sales and marketing teams and Weldon Owen and Red Lemon Press will share foreign rights and co-edition teams.