Bonnier Books pledges to be carbon neutral by next year

Bonnier Books pledges to be carbon neutral by next year

Bonnier Books UK is pursuing a new goal to be carbon neutral by 2021—meaning that from next year the organisation will be taking 20% more carbon from the atmosphere than it creates through its operations.

Bonnier Books AB Group has set out the sustainability goal with the intention of transforming its business operations to see a 25% decrease in emissions by 2025; funding projects that grow, restore and protect natural forests to compensate for any emissions the group can’t yet avoid, from 2021; and pledging to remove 20% more greenhouse gases through investment in these projects, than it emits as an organisation.

Perminder Mann, c.e.o. of Bonnier Books UK, said offsetting emisions was "crucial", but an even greater priority was to reduce emissions in the first place, and she emphasised her hope for collaboration across the trade to publish more sustainably.

"We started the year publishing The Future We Choose, an important manifesto for positive climate action, and so it feels fitting that as this tumultuous year draws to a close, that remind ourselves that the future of our planet remains a top priority," she said.

"As a family-owned business, we like to think in terms of generations, not quarters.

"Offsetting our emissions is a crucial element in our strategy, however, the overwhelming priority is for us to reduce our emissions in the first place. We are humble to this challenge and plan for these new targets to focus our efforts.

"We don’t see the environment as a lever for competition. With much fantastic work already taking place across our industry, we hope that through sharing and collaboration, we will accelerate our collective progress. By publishing more ethically and sustainably, we hope that many future generations will also have the opportunity to enjoy stories that engage, inspire and educate."

At the end of last year Bonnier Books UK said it would plant 10 trees for every new book published in 2020 as part of its ongoing sustainability plan.

Other presses have highlighted similar targets in working towards carbon neutrality in recent times, with Cambridge University Press aiming to be carbon neutral in the UK by 2022 and Springer Nature committing to becoming carbon neutral, excluding third-party printing and distribution, for its business operations and employee flights, by the end of 2020.

The Booksellers Association launched its Green Manifesto, calling on publishers and distributors to make a host of environmental commitments, including phasing out environmentally damaging packaging materials and ceasing sending unsolicited proof copies to booksellers, in July of last year.