Bonnie Greer to Picnic

<p>Independent publisher Picnic Publications has acquired world rights to the second novel by playwright and Newsnight Review critic Bonnie Greer for a &quot;significant&quot; sum.<em> Entropy</em> is described by the author as being &quot;about pattern, relationship and redemption beneath a surface of unconnectedness, loneliness and the damnation of big unsolved questions&quot;.</p><p>The story tells of a woman&rsquo;s attempts to come to terms with the death of her father, and a mysterious 19th century photograph which appears to connect her to a female radio show host. Although there is no explicit reference to the recent election of Barack Obama, Greer&#39;s agent Judith Antell said the novel looked at the post-9/11 world in which his presidency became possible.</p><p>As a result, Picnic is fast-tracking the book for release on 5th May. </p><p>Antell said: &quot;[Greer] responded to a piece Picnic had on the website about independent publishing and the trials thereof. Bonnie was keen to get [the book] out fast, and as the big publishers are having trouble getting things out it seemed like a good fit.&quot;</p><p>As well as building on her existing TV and radio profile, Greer will be attending the Hay Festival, where she will be reading with the book, and will be accompanied by a jazz musician. Subsequent events will take place at independent bookshops across the country, at which local musicians will play.</p><p>Chicago-born Greer has written a number of radio plays, a musical and the novel <em>Hanging by Her Teeth</em>, which was published in 1994 by Serpent&rsquo;s Tail.</p><p>Picnic&rsquo;s managing director Corinne Souza said the team was &quot;falling-over-its-feet-thrilled&quot; to have signed the book.<br /><br />The 400-page novel will be published as a B-format paperback, and carry an r.r.p of &pound;9.99.</p>