Bologna fair may be forced to reinstate axed day

<p>Organisers of the Bologna Children&rsquo;s Book Fair are understood to be considering a return to a four-day fair following international protests from exhibitors and agents after the fair was reduced to three days without consultation.<br /><br />More than 20 children&rsquo;s publishers in the UK are reported to have refused to book or pay for their stand at the 2010 Bologna Children&rsquo;s Book Fair. They plan to withhold booking until the fair organisers reinstate the full length of next year&rsquo;s fair to four days, or offer a stand price reduction.</p><p>It is understood that the fair organiser may reinstate the fourth day by extending the fair to Friday, rather than returning to the traditional Monday start-day. This day has already been allocated to the previous week&rsquo;s event.<br /><br />Exhibitors and agents have expressed fears that shortening the fair will put off a number of visitors from attending and will increase the costs of a reduced stay in Bologna. The fair is due to take place from Tuesday 23rd to Thursday 25th March 2010, cutting back on the traditional Monday start day.&nbsp;&nbsp; </p>