'Bold' Scientology memoir to Silvertail

'Bold' Scientology memoir to Silvertail

Silvertail Books is to publish Troublemaker, Leah Remini’s memoir about her time in the Church of Scientology.

Publisher Humfrey Hunter bought UK and Commonwealth rights (including Canada) from Denise Cronin at the Random House Group in New York.

Hunter said: "I am delighted that Silvertail is publishing Troublemaker. It is a bold and brilliant book, a description which will not come as a surprise to anyone who is aware of Leah. The book’s extraordinary contents and the fact they have now been made public mark this as a significant moment in the history of Scientology. I don’t know whether we are at the point of talking about edifices crumbling, but what I do know is that the more people hear Leah’s story and the more Leah speaks out, the less likely new people are to join and that is no small thing."

Published by Ballantine Books in the US, Troublemaker has sold almost 500,000 copies across all editions since its first publication there in 2015, according to the publisher.

Silvertail will publish in paperback at £10.99 and e-book at £3.99 on 9th March.