Bodley Head buys Caro's interviewing 'masterclass'

Bodley Head buys Caro's interviewing 'masterclass'

Bodley Head will publish biographer Robert A Caro’s book about his insights into investigative journalism, Working: Researching, Interviewing, Writing, in April.

The book "offers a captivating account of his life as a writer, describing the sometimes staggering lengths to which he has gone in order to produce his books and offering priceless insights into the art and craft of non-fiction writing,” the Penguin Random House imprint said.

"Anyone interested in investigative journalism and the pursuit of truth, in the writer’s process and the creation of literature, in the art of interviewing or simply the psychology of excellence will find a masterclass in all these subjects within these pages.

"Readers already familiar with Caro’s work, meanwhile, will be thrilled at the revelations on offer, including how he discovered the fiercely guarded secrets of his subjects, how he constructed the pivotal scenes in his books and the fullest description yet of his forthcoming final volume of The Years of Lyndon Johnson.”

It features some of Caro's speeches and interviews alongside the new material, providing a a "self-portrait of a man who knows the meaning and importance of great story-telling. It is, like all his books, an utterly riveting example of that too".

Will Hammond, editorial director at Bodley Head, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Cullen Stanley at Cullen Stanley International. It will be published in hardback on 25th April 2019.

Caro’s first book, The Power Broker (Bodley Head), was published in 1974, and he has twice won the Pulitzer Prize along with "virtually every other major literary honour”, according to Bodley Head, including the National Humanities Medal, awarded by Barack Obama, the highest award in the humanities given in the United States. He graduated from Princeton University, later became a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University, and was an investigative reporter for Newsday for six years. He lives with his wife, the writer Ina Caro, in New York, where he is at work on the fifth and final volume of The Years of Lyndon Johnson (Vintage).