Boardman steps up at The Works

<p>Chris Boardman, buying and marketing director at remainder and discount books retailer The Works, has become acting c.e.o. of the business after the chief executive and retail operations director both left the company. Ex-Jessops c.e.o. Derek Hine joined the company in January; Andrew Walker-Smith followed from the same company and was the retailer&#39;s retail operations director. They both left in September.</p><p>Tim Brookes, chairman of the retailer, lauded Hines and Walker-Smith for doing a &quot;fantastic job&quot;. &quot;We brought Derek out of retirement to help us,&quot; he said. &quot;He was brought in to work on the operational side of the stores. We looked tried and dated and needed to modernise.&quot;</p><p>Brookes said that one of things the two men did was introduce The Works&#39; &quot;What will you discover?&quot; slogan. Earlier this year, the company reshuffled its product range, introducing a drive on major celebrity hardbacks. Brookes added that consultants are looking at other ways of improving the business. &quot;We&#39;ve had two great Christmases and I think this year will be the same,&quot; he added. &quot;We&#39;ve got great books in stock and great products.&quot;</p><p>In addition to Boardman&#39;s temporary move, Kerry Hughes has been promoted to retail operations director. </p>