B&N's Nook: mixed reviews

<p>Barnes &amp; Noble&#39;s newly-launched Nook has received mixed reviews from Stateside journalists who have had the opportunity to try out the device. </p><p>&quot;It can&#39;t kill Kindle yet, but it&#39;s an alternative worth considering,&quot; wrote <a href="http://finance.yahoo.com/news/The-Nook-Isnt-A-Kindle-Killer-siliconalley... target="_blank">Wilson Rothman at Yahoo! Finance</a>. &quot;Do this now: Disregard all other ebook readers on the market besides Nook and Kindle.&quot;</p><p>He dismisses other devices such as the Sony eReader and iRex in favour of the Nook, which &quot;preserves the same pleasurable reading experience [as the Kindle], but tucks in the capacitive-touch LCD screen for added control. In its 1.0 implementation, Nook is not as fast or as smooth as it should be, but already it&#39;s showing that the second screen is not a gimmick.&quot;</p><p>Rothman also highlights Nook-specific advantages, such as the ability to lend e-books, even to read on computers, iPhones or BlackBerrys, as well as the existence of physical stores, which will enable customers to try out the device before buying. </p><p>&quot;Needless to say, one of the biggest advantages the Nook has over the Kindle is the chance for people to touch it before buying it. B&amp;N will start showing off Nooks this week, and will add a few more ebook readers to its lineup, too. People who were afraid of taking the plunge will see the benefits and buy,&quot; he said. </p><p>The ability for customers to access for free any book in the store via WiFi will also add to its appeal. B&amp;N are reportedly in &quot;discussions&quot; with publishers about selling digital and print bundles of books. </p><p>However other reviewers were less enthusiastic. At <a href="http://www.businessweek.com/technology/content/dec2009/tc2009127_591187.... target="_blank">Business Week, Rich Jaroslovsky</a> described the device as &quot;much less Kindle-killer than Kindle-clone, and a slow one at that&quot;.</p><p>Meanwhile, <a href="http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9141910/First_look_Nook_s_slow_re... target="_blank">Matt Hemblan at Computerworld</a> said, having tested the Nook, he was &quot;willing to wait and see what Apple Inc. is likely to produce&quot;, adding that he was &quot;not a big fan&quot; of the two screens. </p><p>He explained: &quot;That&#39;s not an indictment of the Nook. But as a potential buyer, the device, at a pricey $259, and with each e-book release at $9.99, I want to see what else is coming on the market in the next few months.&quot; </p>