B&N's Klipper to retire

B&N's Klipper to retire

Barnes & Noble’s retail c.e.o Mitchell Klipper is to retire from the role in May after 28 years at the company. 

Klipper will step down as the chief executive of the Retail Group at the end of Barnes & Noble’s fiscal year, but will act as a special advisor on real estate and other matters, B&N said.

The company is currently recruiting to replace Klipper. 

Leonard Riggio, chairman of Barnes & Noble, said: “Mitchell Klipper’s contributions to Barnes & Noble have been nothing short of spectacular. He, more than anyone, has been the architect of our bookstore superstore expansion all across America.  I cannot thank him enough for all he has done for our company, and for what he has meant to me as a friend and colleague.  Fortunately, he leaves behind an excellent management team, and will stay on as an advisor.”   

The company operates 658 bookshops in 50 states in the US. 

Klipper added: “I’ve spent the past 28 years doing what I love and it has been an amazing journey building this great company into what it is today…There’s nothing more satisfying than to know that you’ve been part of creating something that has opened the world of books to the reading public while providing 30,000 plus jobs to people across America.”  

B&N bookshops saw a year-on-year sales rise in the nine week period over Christmas, with sales totaling $1.1bn (£0.7bn), a 0.2% increase from the year before.