Bluebird wins auction for Pope's 'timely' next book

Bluebird wins auction for Pope's 'timely' next book

Pan Macmillan imprint Bluebird has signed a "revealing" new book on politics and society by His Holiness Pope Francis.

Carole Tonkinson, publisher of Bluebird, acquired UK & Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) at auction from Maria Vlachou at Humensis for Politics and Society: The Path to Change by His Holiness Pope Francis. Sister company St Martin’s Press will publish the title simultaneously in the US.

The book is drawn from intimate conversations between His Holiness and the French sociologist Dominique Wolton, who asks the Pope about major issues of our time, his views on the future of Europe and his decision not to live at the Grand Apostolic Palace – all within the context of politics, society and the role of the Church. No subject is taboo; divorce, the abuse scandal in the Church, the Pope’s experience of psychoanalysis at age 42, and the women who have played an important role in the Pope’s life from early girlfriends, to his mother.

This "compelling and timely" book follows Bluebird’s publication of the Pope’s two previous titles: The Name of God is Mercy (2016) and Happiness in this Life (2017). Happiness in this Life has sold 985 copies in hardback since December and The Name of God is Mercy has sold 8,754 copies in hardback and 1,882 in paperback, according to Nielsen BookScan.

Politics and Society: The Path to Change will be a lead title for Bluebird, publishing in hardback at more than 300 pages this August 2018, and will coincide with the Pope’s proposed visit to Ireland that month.

Tonkinson said: "The BBC recently reported Pope Francis as more popular than Barack Obama. I’m absolutely thrilled to publishing this compelling book, which offers untold insights into the Pope’s compassionate and wise views and their origin in his personal life. This book will captivate Pope Francis’ loyal fans but also interested third parties, the non-religious, and all trying to create a kinder, more peaceful world."