Bluebird lands Cambridge Code guide to the subconscious

Bluebird lands Cambridge Code guide to the subconscious

Bluebird has acquired a guide to tapping into the subconscious by psychotherapist Dr Emma Loveridge and Dr Curly Moloney.

Publisher Carole Tonkinson acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to The Cambridge Code: Unlocking your Subconscious Brain from David Godwin at DGA. It will be published in March 2020.

The Cambridge Code is an online tool developed by Dr Loveridge and Dr Moloney, along with a team of researchers at Cambridge University. The synopsis states: “Founded on neuroscientific principles and clinically tested methodology, it represents a unique way of unlocking information about the subconscious mind, defining the underlying drivers and instincts that control our behaviour and make us who we are.”

The book explains the workings of the code, its development and scientific basis, explaining how the 30-minute questionnaire is used to decipher the reader’s deepest thoughts and individual personality characteristics, providing insights on romantic relationships, careers, friendships and family.

Tonkinson said: “In the course of my career in publishing and my work on a Master’s Degree in psychology, I’ve come across lots of personality-based tests like Meyers-Briggs, but I was absolutely blown away by the depth of insight offered by The Cambridge Code. It highlighted absolutely core behaviours in all of us on the team. It is a game-changer and we are thrilled to be making this powerful work available to one and all: people who want to address career and personal goals, parents, teachers. Absolutely everyone can benefit from deeper self-knowledge and this is the most reliable and expedient delivery method I have ever seen.”

The writers added: “We are very excited that Carole and her Bluebird team are collaborating with us to enable The Cambridge Code to reach you - the parent, the colleague, the partner - with the first ever glimpse into your own subconscious world. We have thoroughly enjoyed introducing scientific rigour to the world of well-being and self-discovery.”