Bluebird buys self-published book on wellbeing

Bluebird buys self-published book on wellbeing

Pan Macmillan’s Bluebird is to publish “an enchanted illustrated enquiry into the pursuit of happiness”, which was first self-published.

The Well of Being: A Children’s Book for Adults by Jean-Pierre Weill is a pictorial narrative which “tells the story of a man as he searches for the wellbeing he longs for and dimly remembers yet no longer believes in”.

Weill originally self-published The Well of Being in a limited print run, with each book costing $115, in 2013. He said: "I created The Well of Being for a small circle of friends, family, and trusty fans. I have been amazed by the response I have received. To have Pan Macmillan spearhead its expansion is something that I would not have dared to dream of a year ago. I am honoured and astonished by the opportunity to partner with Carole Tonkinson to bring this deeply personal book to people around the world."

Tonkinson acquired world rights to the book alongside Bob Miller from Flatiron in the US.

Tonkinson said: “A work of art like Jean-Pierre’s book comes along once every couple of decades. I feel incredibly privileged to bring The Well of Being to new readers all over the world. It is without doubt a classic in the vein of The Little Prince or Jonathan Livingston Seagull or The Alchemist.”

Bluebird will publish in £20 hardback in November 2015.