Bluebird bags positivity guide from psychologist and yoga teacher Vikjord

Bluebird bags positivity guide from psychologist and yoga teacher Vikjord

Bluebird has picked up a guide to positively changing your attitude by psychologist and yoga teacher Kristin Vikjord.

Editor Hockley Raven Spare acquired world English language rights for Inner Spark from from Julia Foldenyi at Shared Stories on behalf of Kosmos.

Published in autumn 2020, the book "will show readers the effect of everyday struggles on their mental and physical health and explore how to take action to find, regain and nurture their inner spark".

Its synopsis says: "The aim of this book is to provide readers with the tools they need to gain perspective in any given situation and to help them step out of emotional overwhelm. Kristin encourages us to lean in to negative feelings, and advises embracing those moments as opportunities for change."

Vikjord is from Norway where she works as a clinical psychologist and teaches healthcare professionals the application of yoga and mindfulness to complement conventional psychotherapy. She is co-founder of Delight Yoga, the Arctic Yoga Conference and the Inner Peace conference, where she hosts leading experts and international speakers. Inner Spark is her first book and she will travel to the UK for publication.

She said: "It is an honour to be published by Bluebird, and I'm exhilarated to share Inner Spark and its practices, hoping it can support as many readers as possible. Understanding our own nature when it comes to sustaining mental health, and how we move through challenging times, are the superpowers of our generation. Empowering yourself to emotional wellbeing leads to integrated health, and is one of the biggest gifts you can give to yourself to live this wondrous life."

Spare added: "Inner Spark is a practical toolkit of exercises that has inspired us all at Bluebird. Kristin has effectively harnessed the long Scandinavian winters to stoke her own inner spark and create this guide that will help readers embrace the challenges of modern life, from burnout to navigating new parenthood. I am thrilled to be publishing Inner Spark and to be bringing Kristin’s wealth of knowledge to an English language readership."