Bluebird bags 'pioneering' creative business guide from SAGE Flowers duo

Bluebird bags 'pioneering' creative business guide from SAGE Flowers duo

Bluebird has picked up an “accessible and pioneering” guide to starting a creative business by the duo behind SAGE Flowers, Iona Mathieson and Romy St Clair.

Hockley Raven Spare, commissioning editor, acquired world rights to The Art of Starting from Oscar Janson-Smith at Kruger Cowne. It will be published in spring 2022.

The publisher said: “The Art of Starting is a contemporary, practical guide from the founders of SAGE Flowers, a florist based in Peckham, London. It doesn’t matter if your passion is in craft, photography, food, fashion or design, The Art of Starting is full of indispensable information for anyone looking to follow their vocation.”

Mathieson and St Clair started SAGE with less than £1,000 but it has grown to cult status and has caught the attention and support of global brands like Fenty, Glossier, Gucci and Nando’s and led to features in Vogue, Evening Standard, the Telegraph and the Observer.

Bluebird explained: “They built SAGE with a code of ethics that puts sharing and fairness at the centre of everything they do. Now partnering with Bluebird on The Art of Starting, Iona and Romy are looking to share all that they’ve learned with as broad a readership as possible. The practical examples throughout the book offer insight into best practice, insider tips from interviews with entrepreneurs across a diverse range of creative businesses and help on everything else that school didn’t teach; from tax and accounting to social media management and building an authentic brand.

Raven Spare said: “This is the perfect book for anyone who, by choice or necessity, is looking to change how they make their living. I’m delighted to be working with Iona and Romy and excited to let readers in on the secrets of what makes a successful, fulfilling and lucrative creative business.”

Mathieson and St Clair added: “We started SAGE almost three years ago and it's grown exponentially since then. Starting in a car park, we now have a shop, a studio and a team of brilliant staff. We're writing the book we wish was around at our beginning. A book full of useful business tips that no one tells you, from brand building to accountancy, to save you having to learn the hard way like we did. We're so excited to be able to share knowledge and insights, not just from us, but from some of our friends and contemporaries, who are at the very top of their industries. Whether you're learning floristry, making cakes or designing clothes, we believe this advice crosses all creative fields and inspires you to start the journey towards making your passion full-time!”