Bloomsbury reveals 'fresh' look to Scruton's titles

Bloomsbury reveals 'fresh' look to Scruton's titles

Bloomsbury is publishing a series of “new look” paperback editions of Roger Scruton’s books to celebrate the author and philosopher’s 75th birthday.

A Political Philosophy, Fools Frauds and Firebrands and How to Be a Conservative will all be given “a fresh and contemporary look” in trade paperback format, to be published on 7th March 2019. The new editions will coincide with the paperback publication of Scruton’s 2017 title Where We Are.

“The new design will bring a new generation of readers to these four books that remain ever-relevant in our unsteady political climate,” Bloomsbury said.

Publisher for Bloomsbury Continuum Robin Baird-Smith, said: “We are thrilled to be bringing a selection of Roger’s politically-themed books to a wider audience, united in this new look series for the first time. I have been publishing Roger’s books for 22 years – in that time I have seen many of them become bestsellers, and I am excited to see their renewed success in paperback.”

Scruton has written more than 40 books as well as writing journalistic pieces, and largely focuses on aesthetics with particular attention to music and architecture.