Bloomsbury Children's to publish US author Renée Watson

Bloomsbury Children's to publish US author Renée Watson

Bloomsbury Children’s Books is to publish "critically acclaimed" US author Renée Watson for the first time in the UK after buying world rights in five new titles from Bloomsbury Children’s Books US.

The first title, Piecing Me Together, is a "beautiful and powerful" YA novel which will be published in February 2018.

Piecing Me Together tells the story of Jade, a girl striving for success in a world that seems like it is trying to break her. She knows she needs to take advantage of every opportunity that comes her way. But some opportunities she could do without, like the mentorship programme for ‘at-risk’ girls. Just because her mentor is black doesn’t mean she understands where Jade is coming from. Jade feels like her life is made of hundreds of conflicting pieces. Will it ever fit together? Will she ever find her place in the world? More than anything she wants the opportunity to be real, to make a difference.

Zöe Griffiths, senior commissioning editor at Bloomsbury Children’s Books, said "Renée is such an incredible talent. Her books are poignant, important and completely beautiful. We are thrilled to be bringing her stellar voice to a UK readership."

Watson said: “I appreciate Bloomsbury's commitment to publishing stories that centre black girlhood and the intersections of race, class, and gender. I am excited to continue my collaboration with Bloomsbury to create more books for young readers.”

Sarah Shumway at Bloomsbury Children’s Books US acquired World English rights for two new young adult novels, a middle grade standalone novel and two titles in the new middle grade series by Watson. The deals were brokered by Rosemary Stimola at the Stimola Literary Studio.

Watson is the author of the teen novel This Side of Home, and two picture books: Harlem’s Little Blackbird and A Place Where Hurricanes Happen.