Bloomsbury to publish Orange Bakery duo's debut

Bloomsbury to publish Orange Bakery duo's debut

Bloomsbury is set to publish Breadsong: How Bread Changed Our Lives by Alex and Kitty Tait, after winning a three-way auction following a limited submission.

Publisher Rowan Yapp acquired world rights from Jane Finigan at Lutyens & Rubinstein, in her first deal since joining Bloomsbury in April.

She said “Breadsong is a story with bags of heart. It is about Kitty and Alex discovering a passion, taking a risk, and having a lot of fun along the way. Baking came along at a very tough time in their lives and helped them through to the other side. This book will share the life-affirming magic of baking through the delicious, creative and achievable recipes they learnt along the way. Breadsong is everything I want in a book (and that includes cinnamon buns).” 

Father and daughter Alex and Kitty Tait opened The Orange Bakery last year in Watlington, Oxfordshire.  

Alex said: “If someone had told me two years ago that I’d be leaving my job to run a bakery with my then 14-year-old daughter I would have laughed, if they’d then said I’d be writing a book about it with her I would have stopped laughing and just thought they were mad, if they had then said it was with Bloomsbury I would have said they were delusional. I can’t believe that we get a chance to write about what has happened to us and share Kitty’s recipes. In my head I’m still a 50-year-old teacher.”

Kitty added: “I knew we would start the bakery and I knew we would write a book. Dad just took longer to get there. All I think about is new recipes and how to get them better. I love the fact that Bloomsbury totally understands what Breadsong is about and we are so lucky that we met first Jane and then Rowan. They have no idea how much bread I am going to feed them.”

The book will be published in the UK in spring 2022.