Bloomsbury launches e-book only imprint

Bloomsbury Children's has launched an e-book only imprint for YA, teen and New Adult titles, with plans to release the first digital books in September this year.

The imprint, Bloomsbury Spark, is currently seeking content across all genres, with YA editor Meredith Rich heading up the imprint in the US and freelance editors working on the project in the UK. The publisher plans to release between 10 and 30 titles this autumn, and 40 titles per year after that.

Bloomsbury Children's head Emma Hopkin said: "We've seen a great increase in our digital sales in both the US and UK, in particular for YA titles, and we realised there was no YA-dedicated digital list, and Bloomsbury can offer local marketing around the globe for these titles."

Hopkin said the publisher had so far been seeking content via writers conferences, but that she expected to deal with both agented and unagented manuscripts. Hopkin declined to give details on terms offered to authors, but said: "It is a contract specific for Bloomsbury Spark, but the contracts are fair." On the imprint's website, it states: "We offer standard e-book royalty rates. Specific terms of compensation will be discussed if we're interested in acquiring your book." It gives a guideline of 25,000-60,000 for submissions, and states they can be novels, novellas or interconnected short stories.

Hopkin said they had already received "a lot of submissions" since beginning to spread the word. As with other e-book only imprints, such as Little, Brown's Blackfriars, Hopkin said books would be given a physical edition where sales reach "a certain level of success".