Bloomsbury joins the IPG

<p>Bloomsbury has joined the Independent Publishers Guild (IPG), after the publisher&#39;s chief executive Nigel Newton decided to sign-up during last week&rsquo;s IPG annual conference. Newton, who hinted at the move during his keynote speech at the event, said the IPG was &quot;an excellent organisation, providing excellent value for money to its members, and a tremendous advocacy service&quot;. In particular, he noted the work done by executive director Bridget Shine &quot;in helping members with their trade issues&quot;.</p><p>Speaking to <em>The Bookseller</em> after the conference, he said: &quot;We regard ourselves as independent in the sense of independence of third-party corporate ownership and feel at home with the other members.&quot; Newton said Bloomsbury would remain independent &quot;indefinitely&quot;.</p><p>He added the 22-year-old firm would be able to gain from being a member as well as give back to start-up companies by joining the association. &quot;All publishers can learn a great deal from each other regardless of their size, due to the common issues that they face,&quot; he said. &quot;We know that we&rsquo;ve learned a great deal from the smaller publishers who&rsquo;ve become part of Bloomsbury over the years &ndash; not least of all Berg, who have an excellent database of all lecturers in the subjects in which they publish. [Berg] can teach us all a great deal about direct marketing.&quot;</p><p>The IPG&rsquo;s incoming chair Andrew Johnston said at the conference he was keen to attract more mid-sized and high profile publishers over the next 12 months of his tenure. He said he was &quot;absolutely delighted&quot; that Bloomsbury had joined. </p>