Bloomsbury cooks outside with Kerridge's latest recipes

Bloomsbury cooks outside with Kerridge's latest recipes

Bloomsbury is to publish chef Tom Kerridge’s latest book, Outdoor Cooking

The recipe book follows his Food Network UK TV series last year, "Tom Kerridge Barbecues". Outdoor Cooking focuses on barbecues and cooking and eating al fresco. The synopsis reads: "As the UK prepares for a staycation boom, Tom shares his tips and advice for the perfect summer barbecue, campfire or outdoor gathering with friends and family, providing an entire summertime’s worth of incredible outdoor cooking inspiration.

"He takes simple ideas like burgers and grills and creates the ultimate version with over 80 recipes that are stunningly delicious. Chapters include hearty favourites such as pork and chorizo burgers, veggie mains such as charred cauliflower salad, and shareable snacks such as aubergine dips and flatbreads."

Commenting on the book, Kerridge said: “For me, barbequing is all about being outdoors. It’s about spending time with family and friends, cooking some lovely food in your shorts and T-shirt and not worrying about it. And I am so looking forward to doing a lot of that this summer!”

World rights were acquired in a deal with Borra Garson at Deborah McKenna Limited and the book will be published on the Bloomsbury Cookery list under the Bloomsbury Absolute imprint.

Kerridge is the author of eight cookbooks, including The Hand & Flowers Cookbook, Lose Weight & Get Fit, Fresh Start, Lose Weight for Good, Tom Kerridge’s Dopamine Diet, Tom’s Table, Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes and Proper Pub Food. He has sold 1.4 million books for £15.5m, with Lose Weight for Good his bestseller on 504,958 copies sold in hardback, through Nielsen BookScan's UK Total Consumer Market. 

Absolute publisher Jon Croft said: “I really can’t think of anyone more suited to setting the cookery book world alight with fabulous food cooked over fire than the remarkable Tom Kerridge. When the summer breaks through and we all begin to reclaim our time in the sun with friends and family, Tom’s recipes will be at the heart of the party – and it will be a great party!”

Cookery publishing director Rowan Yapp added: “Tom’s big flavours and down-to-earth personality have made him one of Britain’s best-loved chefs. He is the first person I think of when I’m looking for inspiration in the kitchen and this book will share all his charcoal, smoke and fire feasts to make this summer one to remember.”