Bloomsbury buys 'ground-breaking' fitness manual for mid-life men

Bloomsbury buys 'ground-breaking' fitness manual for mid-life men

Bloomsbury Sport has acquired what it's calling a "ground-breaking" fitness manual designed to help mid-life men retain their youthfulness, strength and mental acuity, by 45-year-old personal trainer Matt Roberts.

Commissioning editor Matthew Lowing bought world rights to Younger, Fitter, Stronger through agent Clare Hulton.

Drawing on more than 20 years of personal training experience with thousands of clients, Roberts’ book is said to be a powerful combination of cutting-edge science and transformative workouts, offering a day-by-day eight-week plan is based on the anti-ageing benefits of boosting testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH) levels through the targeted exercise and diet.

Raising levels of these hormones is key to maintaining health and fitness in mid-life, and the benefits include boosted energy, improved muscle mass, a revitalised sex drive, more restful sleep and improved skin and hair, Bloomsbury said.

Lowing commented: “This is the book mid-life men, myself included, have been waiting for. Staying fit and feeling good is increasingly important to men 40+ and to date, no mainstream book caters for this market. Bloomsbury Sport is delighted to be publishing Matt Roberts’ trailblazing fitness manual. The book promises to be the essential fitness guide for the older man.”

Roberts says: “I am incredibly excited about this book. It deals with the issues that all men confront as we get older, whether we like it or not. Creating a roadmap to staying younger, fitter, stronger is vital as we age. Having developed a proven, winning strategy, I can’t wait to share it.”

Bloomsbury Sport will publish the book in April 2019 as a £14.99 paperback.