Bloomsbury buys Brown biography

<p>Bloomsbury Publishing has acquired rights in a &quot;major&quot; biography of Prime Minister Gordon Brown by Guardian journalist Suzie MacKenzie. MacKenzie will draw on well over a decade of interviews with Brown and his family to give an &quot;a revealing, detailed and powerful&quot; account of his &quot;political and personal growth&quot; over the last 40 years.<br /><br />MacKenzie first interviewed Brown in 1994, three years before Labour came to power, and in 2004 she spent a number of weeks with him for an indepth interview in the Guardian. &quot;She spent time with him in London, accompanied him on foreign trips, and visited him and his wife Sarah at their home in Scotland,&quot; Bloomsbury said.</p><p>Her book was bought by Alexandra Pringle from Claire Alexander at Aitken Alexander Associates for an undisclosed sum, and will be published in March 2009.<br /><br />It promises to be the &quot;only in-depth portrait&quot; of Brown in his first year in office, and also marks the first biography of a serving prime minister that has ever been written by a woman, the publisher said.</p><p>Meanwhile Random House has cued up the Prime Minister to write the introduction to a new edition of Gertrude Himmelfarb&rsquo;s acclaimed book <em>The Roads to Modernity: The British, French and American Enlightenments</em>. Brown quoted from the book in his Hugo Young memorial lecture last Thursday, where he spoke about liberty and the role of the state.<br /><br />The book will be published on 1st May next year as a Vintage paperback.</p>