Bloomsbury buys guide to modern living from Anya Hindmarch

Bloomsbury buys guide to modern living from Anya Hindmarch

Bloomsbury is to publish fashion designer and entrepreneur Anya Hindmarch's guide to modern living, If In Doubt, Wash Your Hair.

The deal for UK and Commonwealth rights, excluding Canada, was struck by Alexis Kirschbaum, associate publisher, and Caroline Michel of PFD.

The guide, Hindmarch's first book, includes advice on building confidence, careers and relationships. The synopsis states: "In If In Doubt, Wash Your Hair, [Hindmarch] shares what she has learned during her busy and eclectic life, what she still worries about, and what advice she has received along the way. From organisational tricks for life to profound observations about confidence, entrepreneurialism and creativity, If In Doubt, Wash Your Hair is a warm guide to modern living for women everywhere. Whether you are starting out in the workplace, looking for relationship or wellbeing advice, or a new mother, you will find much wisdom here.

"Self-deprecating but above all kind, this uplifting book shows a vulnerable side to a woman who appears to be successfully juggling it all. It aims to make women feel better about themselves, and also to be deeply practical, rooted in an understanding of how women’s lives really work—and how we can work towards leading our most doubt-free lives."

Hindmarch is a mother of five, a stepmother, an entrepreneur and a globally renowned businesswoman. Commenting on her debut, she said: "I am thrilled to publish my first book with the amazing team at Bloomsbury. This book covers my thoughts on being a woman, a woman in business, a mother, a stepmother and an entrepreneur, and the challenges of managing many of these roles at the same time. It is honest, but more importantly, I hope it is kind. Written as though a mother to a daughter, or a friend to a friend, it is simply what I wish I had known earlier in my own life."

Kirschbaum added: "I am very excited to welcome Anya Hindmarch to Bloomsbury. If In Doubt, Wash Your Hair will be a warm, inspiring, affective book of wisdom, full of sound advice from someone who has lived life at the highest level. It has something to offer everyone."

If In Doubt, Wash Your Hair has a "major" marketing and publicity campaign planned, and will be published on 6th May 2021.