Blinkbox confirms Kobo transfer

Blinkbox confirms Kobo transfer

Blinkbox appears to have confirmed its e-book customers will be transferred onto the Kobo platform next month.

Tesco revealed on Monday (26th January) it would close the blinkbox books platform by the end of February after failing to find a buyer. Waterstones had reportedly been in exclusive talks to buy blinkbox books but an agreement couldn’t be reached.

The following day, The Bookseller reported Tesco was in talks to transfer blinkbox books customers to the Kobo platform, as Sony customers did when the Sony e-reader store closed last year.

Now Tesco seems to have confirmed customers will move to Kobo in an email to users and on the blink box website. A post on the website said: “As announced by Tesco, blinkbox Books will be closing down for business on 28th February 2015 but don't worry, you will still have access to all of your pre purchased e-books. All of blinkbox Books' customer libraries will be transferred to the e-reading company, Kobo.”

The website tells users that unless they choose to opt out of the transfer process, blinkbox Books will share their registered name and email address as well as the e-books customers have previously purchased.

“This will ensure that after you transfer to Kobo, you will have access to the library of e-books you have previously purchased from blinkbox Books once the business closes on 28th February 2015,” the company said.

However, Tesco said customers’ e-books would only continue to be available using the blinkbox Books app until week commencing 9th February. “If you wish to continue to have access to all of the books you have purchased from blinkbox Books after this date, you will need to transfer your blinkbox Books library to Kobo,” the supermarket said.
Users will also have to spend any credit they have by 9th February. “You will not be able to transfer your credit to Kobo, so you will need to make sure that you spend it by the above date,” blinkbox said.

Tesco said the retailer had “learnt a lot" since launching the blinkbox service, but added that whilst it saw “encouraging levels of take up” the company believed it should focus on its core business. A core staff of 60 have been put into a period of consultation for their jobs following news of the platform's closure.

Last year,  Sony customers around the world in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Austria and Australia were transferred to the Kobo e-reading platform in June with the Kobo app for android coming pre-loaded on select Sony smartphones.