Blink signs titles from Gibson and Grant

Blink signs titles from Gibson and Grant

Blink Publishing has acquired a new cookbook from Big Brother 2010 winner Josie Gibson and an astrology colouring book from media personality Russell Grant.

Clare Tillyer, acquisitions director at Blink, bought World English rights to Love Food by Gibson and Russell Grant's Art of Astrology - Discover Your Inner Self Through Colour.

In Love Food, nutritional advisor and personal trainer Gibson “debunks the myths” about healthy living being “time-consuming” and “dull”. The book contains over 80 “mouth-watering recipes” that maintain not only a "balanced and rewarding" diet, but will lead to "sustainable" weight loss.

Gibson said: “The moment I started to embrace food and understand which foods worked well in conjunction with my body was the minute I started to lose weight for good.  We've all complained about feeling low, tired and sluggish, but rarely do we think about how our diet might affect our moods. The majority of your serotonin is actually found in your gut, so eating the right foods in all these healthy recipes will go on and lead to a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.”

Love Food will be published on 31st December 2015 and will be priced £14.99.

Russell Grant’s Art of Astrology contains more than 90 "unique" images and designs based on the 12 key signs of the Zodiac, their planetary rulers and mythological archetypes. It is a colouring book which explains the "Sun signs and planetary connexions and what our colour choices reveal about us".

Grant said: “Colouring in is an easy way to calm the mind, occupy the hands and release your creative potential. The repetitive action focuses the brain, blocks out intrusive thoughts and creates a state of peace of mind. With my astrological expertise and love of colour, I reveal the way the colours we choose can reflect how we’re feeling and how to interpret our inner selves.”

Tiller said: “Publishing for the New Year, these two books will hit the new-year new-you market and both are aimed at those seeking a healthier, more mindful lifestyle after the excesses of the Christmas holidays.”

Russell Grant’s Art of Astrology – Discover Your Inner Self Through Colour will be published on 14th January 2016 and will be priced at £9.99.