Blake reveals what Peter and Katie did next

<p>John Blake is publishing a book chronicling the end of the love affair between Katie Price and Peter Andre, after the couple publicly split two months ago.</p><p>Price and Andre, who met on the reality TV show &quot;I&#39;m A Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here&quot; at the start of 2004, went on to marry and have two children. But on 11th May the couple announced the end of their three-and-a-half-year marriage.</p><p><em>Katie and Peter . . . Too Much In Love</em> is being written by Emily Herbert, who is also the hand behind Blake&#39;s soon-to-be-released Michael Jackson biography. The book, which is priced at &pound;7.99, is due out on 3rd August. Subtitled &quot;The inside story of their break-up&quot;, Blake said it would be a &quot;sensitive and emotive book&quot;, which would tell &quot;the truth behind the break-up of a couple who appeared to be so in love&quot;.</p><p>He added: &quot;Obviously we did Katie and Peter&#39;s own autobiographies&mdash;Jordan was our bestselling book ever&mdash;so we know them both very well, which means we have a pretty clear background to the whole thing. It&#39;s a strong new insight into what went wrong in this extraordinary relationship that seems to fascinate the whole country, with lots of new information, so it&#39;s bang up to date. It&#39;s a wonderful summer read.&quot;</p><p>Meanwhile, Price&#39;s long-running publisher, Cornerstone&#39;s imprint Century, has two titles scheduled for release this year and one in 2010. </p><p>Her next novel, <em>Sapphire</em>, about a businesswoman who &quot;doesn&#39;t believe in relationships any more&quot; after she catches her husband cheating, is due out on 23rd July. A &quot;major stunt&quot; at Selfridges is being planned for the launch. The publisher is also bringing out a non-fiction hardback title, <em>Standing Out</em>, on 22nd October. Charlotte Bush, publicity director at Cornerstone, said: &quot;This is a highly-illustrated book, for which we did an exclusive photo shoot, all about Katie&#39;s look at the different stages in her life.&quot;</p><p>The publisher has another volume of autobiography under contract too, which is scheduled for publication during 2010.</p><p>Bush added: &quot;There are no reactive books in our schedule &mdash;this is all part of the ongoing publishing programme, which we are very happy with.&quot; </p>