Blake Jenkins deal faces 'backlash'

<p>Publisher John Blake is to publish the memoir of Sion Jenkins, tried three times for murdering his foster daughter Billie-Jo, which, according to the Daily Mail, is certain to provoke an angry backlash.</p><p>At least eight publishers turned down the book before Blake, a former tabloid journalist turned publisher, agreed to sign a deal for less than &pound;5,000. The book, which is expected to be titled &quot;The Murder of Billie-Jo&quot;, will be released in the summer.</p><p>His literary agent David Godwin said many people still believed that Jenkins was guilty but he hoped the book would change people&#39;s minds. Blake anticipates criticism over the book and said: &quot;People tend to think that he did it. Obviously he didn&#39;t because he was cleared.&quot;<br /><br /></p>