Blair's 'secret' launch party to go ahead despite protests

<p>A launch party for Tony Blair&#39;s <em>A Journey</em> will be held tomorrow evening (8th September) at the Tate Modern, a spokesperson for the former prime minister has confirmed. The spokesperson refused to confirm the timing of the event but said the launch would be &quot;going ahead&quot; despite vows from the Stop the War coalition to protest against the party.</p><p>The news comes after Blair yesterday cancelled tomorrow&#39;s planned signing event at Waterstone&#39;s in Piccadilly, following the protests outside the Eason&#39;s signing in Dublin on Saturday [4th September] at which eggs and shoes were thrown.</p><p>The Stop the War coalition called the cancellation &quot;a victory for the anti-war movement and the thousands who contacted Waterstone&#39;s, outraged at it hosting a book signing for Tony Blair.&quot; It said the Tate Modern event would be held at 5.30pm and had &quot;already been termed the &#39;war criminals&#39; party&#39;, as Blair is sure to be joined by Alistair Campbell, Jack Straw and others who helped concoct the lies that took Britain into the illegal war in Iraq.&quot;</p><p>The coalition added that it wanted the protest outside the event to be &quot;as &#39;artistic&#39; as possible,&quot; saying: &quot;We are encouraging anyone who is coming to the protest who has a Blair mask or any resources from past Blair protests, to bring them to the Tate Modern.&quot;</p>